Extinction Rebellion London: Beehive Babies

VT Package about Extinction Rebellion London’s ‘Beehive Babies’ event.

My group and I created a VT on an event, made for our final piece of course work for our ‘Intro to Broadcast Journalism’ course. For the piece, I acted as the Reporter, Craig was the cameraman and Alessia edited the video. Learn about extinction rebellion and why it is so important to SAVE THE BEES!

Extinction Rebellion is an international organisation that aims to fight against climate change. The Beehive Babies event was a protest that went from Trafalgar Square to Buckingham Palace, with the goal to pass a letter through the gates of Buckingham Palace to give to the Queen, asking for a bee rehabilitation program in all of her land within the UK.

Enjoy watching.

Georgie x

Culture and Diversity in Southbank

Above you can listen to my Audio Package on Culture and Diversity in Southbank. I discuss how the Southbank Centre won the Race Equality Recruitment Awards 2018, which they won by bringing in a new diversity strategy. This is accompanied with an interview with one of the staff members from the Southbank Centre who noticed a big change with the new strategy in place.

After this I talk about all the attractions around Southbank, which brings in diverse people from all around the world, this is accompanied with an interview with a Skater who skates at the Southbank Skate Space. He discusses how he meets many different people from all around the world and how he enjoys skating in Southbank because everyone can watch him and he is able to entertain them.

I finish off by discussing something we all love, food. There are so many restaurants and food markets around Southbank that sell a variety of foods from all around the world. I talked to someone who works at the Southbank Centre Food Market and he talks about all the diverse foods they sell and how he meets people of all races at the market.

Enjoy listening and I hope you discover a bit about Southbank.

Georgie xx