About this site

A quick guide of how to get around this website. 


Under the ‘Home’ menu you can find everything. Ranging from my university work to my personal work. 


Patch News

Under the ‘University’ drop down menu you will be able to see ‘Patch News’. This is where weekly news stories within my patch will be posted. What is meant by patch can be seen below; 

Screenshot from Michael Kosmides second week presentation taken by Georgina Blackwell.

Each student in my journalism course is assigned either the red, green or blue patch. I have been assigned the red patch and thus the patch stories are within the area of Southwark, Lambeth and along South Bank. 

Course Work 

You will then find ‘Course Work’ which is split into two sections: ‘Digital Journalism’ and ‘Journalism Foundations’. Here you can find the course homework assignments that we are given. 

Generally updated every week for Digital Journalism and every now and then for Journalism Foundations. 


Next up is ‘Reviews’, this is where you can find reviews that I write on multiple different things within London such as events, exhibitions, restaurants etc. 


Lastly we have ‘Profile’ which is where you can find the first draft and final draft of a profile I have written on a very interesting and inspiring man, John Otagburuagu. 


Under the ‘Personal’ menu you will be able to read personal, blog-like, posts that I write about anything that interests me. 


Under the ‘Contact’ menu you can find my contact details, so if you have any questions about any of my articles or really anything at all; please feel free to contact me! I love inquiries!