Welcome to my Blog!

Hello everyone, 

My name is Georgina Blackwell but you can just call me Georgie and I’m going to start off by explaining who I am. I am currently a journalism student at London South Bank University, who aspires to one day become a journalist. Why London? you may ask.

My story is a little complicated, when people ask me “Where are you from?” I answer with “England” but then when it gets to the specifics my brain goes crazy because I just don’t know what to say. My entire family is British however at the time of my birth my parents resided in America, not entirely happy there they decided to move back to England not long after I was born.  We lived in Winchester, where my mother is from, until I was 5 years old and then we moved to Devon, where my father is from. We lived there until I was 8 and thats when the biggest changed happened…I was dragged off to the Netherlands. Okay….maybe dragged is a little harsh, I was actually excited at the time. Now here I am, back in England after living the last 10 years of my life in Holland, and no, not in Amsterdam but in a small village in the country side. Life in Holland was good because of the community it has but it had always been a dream of mine to move back to England and study in London as I believe its one of the top places to become a journalist. 

I have a passion for travelling, already having travelled to over 10 countries, I love to explore different cultures and cuisines as well as having a passion for learning the history behind different countries. So I hope to combine these two aspects in my Journalism career by writing for a travel magazine or making documentaries. I would also love to be an environmentalist journalist as theres nothing that I love more than animals and nature. My dog, Zulu, is literally my life!

This website will showcase some of the work that I will be producing over the three year journalism course as well as sharing my life experiences in London. 

Cant wait to update you on my life and share how amazing London is going to be! 

Georgie x