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Newest Colour trend – Neon green

When talking about the most popular colour trending in 2019 Neon green was the most eye catching one in highlights. Britain is riding a new wave of neon green shorts and skirts with millennials eating up the new trend. The who’s who of the industry are coming out in droves in neon green outfits from Kylie Jenner to yours truly. There are many ways you can make this less highlighting and wear...

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Latest Pakistani Fashion trend!

To begin with, Pakistani fashion trends change every now and then but the good news is that they tend to come back in the game sooner than you think. This recent fashion trend consists of beautiful vibrant Colors that can be pulled of into a skirt, long shirt or anything you want, the prints would do the job. The choice is left up to the customer of whether they want bright or dull Colors and thes...

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Street Fashion

The bustling streets of London has a variety of fashion tastes, but Dolce Gabbana’s new line hits close to home. With vibrant colors and symmetrical patterns, London street fashion has taken a turn eastward with bold, new herbal design patterns. Dolce Gabbana ritzy Mayfair store is a must stop for any Pakistani fashion enthusiasts on the island of Great Britain. 00

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About Me

Hi, my name is Sanaa Saeed and I’m a student at London South Bank University. I’m passionate about fashion and I want to introduce the fashions of my native country in Pakistan here to the UK. This site will essentially serve as a hub between fashion in Islamabad and London. I will be adding different posts that benefit new comers to this sense of Fashion. Further more I intend on addi...

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