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What I learned as a Journalist

From producing my Brexit VT I have learnt: If there is an argument there needs to be two sides of the argument shown in the VT and not one. Be aware of lighting when recording outside as it may be too sunny where viewers can’t see Natural sound is good to add to the VT as being a natural GV There needs to be a range of different shots e.g. very close shots Add facts or figures to the VT to m...

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Choosing my dataset

The dataset that I have chosen to use for my assessment project is on knife crime statistics in London in the year 2018. I chose these statistics as my dataset as not only will I look at just the year 2018 I will look at the last few years and also I will look at figures recorded of knife crime this year. This topic interests me as there has been a lot in the news about knife crime as it rapidly i...

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