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Sexual offences at an all-time high in Southwark

      Over the last few years crime has been on the rise in Southwark, but what is really interesting is that sexual offences have been on the rise, is this as a result of the decrease in policemen in the Uk? The latest data about crime figures released by the Met states that crime in Southwark has risen by 8.2% in the last 6 years making it the fourth highest borough in London for ...

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Digital Journalism Journal

week 1 This morning in class we continued to have a look at data and the ways that it is used in infographics. the subject of todays class was visualisation and the main points covered in the class were. .Discussing how we use data to find stories and then visualise them. .How we use text as data- looking at the state of union corpus. In the afternoon in class with LJ we looked at the different wa...

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