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Podcast Workbook

Podcast Workbook 7.4.2019 -> I made my Idea on what I want to talk about in my podcast. I first wanted to focus on mental health in general but quickly decided that I would like to focus it on LSBU. I thought about who to talk to and decided that I wanted to have professional opinion of a psychologist, a student who would talk to me about what they think about the mental health support at LSBU ...

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Income/Life expectancy chart In the above chart you can see income compared to Life expectancy all over the world. For example the highest Life expectancy is Japan (84.2), the highest income is Luxembourg (99K). Also, Luxembourg has a high life expectancy similar to Japan. The country with the lowest income is Somalia, with (629). The lowest life expectancy is Lesotho (51.1). In this chart it is c...

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