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Cheap Traveling From London

When in London, cheap traveling can be a blessing or a hassle. From my experience, it’s all about the method of travel. London’s Victoria Coach station is surprisingly nice and well kept up (as far as bus stations go). In the context of price, a flixbus from there to Frankfurt, Germany round trip was $33. On the other end of the cheap traveling lies the budget airports on the edge of t...

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Pokemon Center London

Attention to all the diehard Pokemon fans: there is one Pokemon Center in the Westfield Shopping Center in Shepards Bush. Keep in mind, lines are extremely long, with a security guard claiming they reach up to ”1,000 people per day”. I waited over 7 hours just to get in the store, with many of the people in the front of the line resorting to spending the night in the mall just to get i...

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Chic-fil-A in the UK

The first Chic-fil-A has opened across the pond about an hour and a half away from London in Redding, England. However, act fast if you plan on making the trip out to get a chicken sandwich because the location will not be renewing its lease at the end of the year.  00

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Blackcurrant Juice

For the Americans in the audience, have you ever heard of blackcurrant juice? This sweet and refreshing treat isn’t available across the pond. This isn’t due to an apathy of the flavor, rather the US government banned the fruit in the early 1900’s. It all has to do with a fungi that was associated with a disease that kills US pine trees. Point being, if you happen to wind up acro...

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About Me

Hello! My name is Brandon Holtz and I’m an American expat living in London for the rest of the year. I’m a sophomore at the University of Georgia back in the states but was raised in Atlanta, Georgia. This blog will essentially show some of the differences between the United States and United Kingdom and what you would need to know if you’re an American. 00

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