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Flipping Between Regular Girl and Adele. Who is She?

The Guardian profile written by Caroline Sullivan in October 2015. The profile had been written just a month before Adele´s third album, 25, was released and just after one of the greatest singles of Adele´s – Hello, had entered the chart at number one. ”Hello’s chances are hardly hurt by being a lustrous, emotive ballad in the vein of Someone Like You, the 2011 single that launched the singer’s i...

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InstaWorld Full Of Bubbles

Image by flickr user Jason Howie   After examining my social media, Instagram particularly, I found out, there really are filter bubbles. I´d never realised it before, but most of my news feed is about travelling, fashion, celebrities and news. As travelling is my passion, although I haven’t visited many countries yet, most of my news feed come from travel-bloggers , photographers and similar...

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