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To beer or not to beer? – Average price of pints set to rise

International research has showed that global warming may cause a decline in barley production one of the key ingredients to making which would affect the price and consumption in 34 regions. A rise in the global temperature and an increased risk of drought in some areas would have a knock-on effect worldwide.  Researchers based in the US, China, Mexico and the University of East Anglia creat...

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For what it’s worth; profile of an incognito drug dealer

“This isn’t by any means the way I thought I’d support my family, but my children need to be raised and I’ll do whatever I need to do to see them happy.” Charlie, (as he is referred to by his clients) works as a childcare assistant, just outside of London. He works to support his wife and two children. The pay is poor and in order to sustain their happiness and financial security, he deals and sel...

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