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Is the pill yesterday’s method of contraception?

The Pill is known to have contributed to the death of over 553 years since it was first sold to the public Even though more than 50 years have passed, the pill has barely changed. Can this be affecting millennials’ opinions on the so beloved contraceptive miracle? Francisca Silva reports. According to the NHS, the number of women using the pill between 2005 and 2013 dropped by more than 13 p...

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Things will only get stranger from here

Strangers Things, the original Netflix show that left everyone craving for more, is now back after a long year of waiting and came just in time for Halloween. After airing season two on October 27, the official reviews are just starting to come in and, so far, they seem to be promising. In the first season, fans were left on a high end. They were promised an even bigger, better and stronger p...

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