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Peckham Events Venue Celebrates Two Year Anniversary

A South London events venue is celebrating its two year anniversary this week. 

The Peckham Levels was created in 2017 and contains a diverse mix of art studios, and other businesses.

Located in an alleyway, it is a maze-like venue resembling an old parking garage.

Corridor of the Peckham Levels.

The venue has six levels, and one is greeted by a colourful staircase on the ground floor that one must climb.

The first four levels are private art and studio studio spaces reserved for members, and two levels at the top are open to the public, where people can see art exhibitions, visit restaurants, do yoga or even get a haircut. 

Colourful staircase in Peckham Levels.

Cahonna’s Hair Hub is situated on the sixth level of the building. 

Tracey Cahoon, the owner of the business, said she has “been given an opportunity to open a business in Peckham.”

Cahoon also said “most businesses and artists are local and are trying to work together.”

Cahoona’s Hair Hub.

The space is a community environment, and there are spaces, and businesses that would be interesting to many different types of people. 

There is a wall near the entry way where people can leave their opinions, including their likes and dislikes about the Peckham Levels. 

Peckham Levels Opinion Wall.