More climate change protests cause traffic chaos in Elephant and Castle

Images from the Elephant and Castle climate change protests. Photos by: Camille Buignet.

Climate change protests, causing serious disruption on major routes in London, have moved into a second day. The protest, organised by new group Extinction Rebellion will be in Elephant and Castle until tomorrow.

“ALL FOR ONE, ONE FOR ALL” is the message spread by these yellow tabards, trying to prevent species extinction and climate breakdown. This protest is the group’s second major event, after the “Rebellion Day” on 17 November 2018.

This non-violent protest consists in blocking the road for 7 minutes every 10 minutes or so. Holding ‘NON-VIOLENT‘ signs, the group is trying to gather everyone in this fight. An Extinction Rebellion group from Germany will be joining the protest today.

Reactions from Londoners affected by the protest were mixed.  Some expressed support for the group. Journalist Saul Elbein said that “What they’ve been able to do with a small amount of people is quite impressive. and they managed to have quite an impact”.

However, others were angry about the disruption. Avina Jayram, a Mauritian student told JLDN that  “Getting a whole population stuck on the street just because they believe we aren’t making an effort is just selfish. They need to be educated!!