‘The elephant and castle’ or the place to be



Picture of ‘The Elephant and Castle’ pub. Photo by: Camille Buignet.

The Elephant and Castle’ was created in 1765, and has been rebuilt twice and modernised since then, but this antique pub that gave its name to the area is still standing.

Located next to the station, the ‘Elephant and Castle stands in between London South Bank University and London College of Communication, gathering a lot of students, but also tourists ending the day with a drink after visiting this culturally rich area.

The pub often hosts events such as themed parties, or football nights when an important game is on. To celebrate Christmas, a special menu and buffet will be available — bookings only. 

Located in a nice area, ‘the Elephant’, as many people like to call it, is the place I always look forward to going with my friends after a long day of work. I like the atmosphere and the ‘chill’ vibe of the place. I would describe this pub as ‘the place to be’. 

The first time I walked into this pub, I was immediately caught by the music playing, an old song that I used to listen to with my parents. My friends and I sat on these large sofas surrounding the tables, and had a few drinks. ‘The elephant’ is like a home, away from home.

Also, the pub offers a large choice of food, adapted for vegetarians, vegans, and anyone that follows a gluten free diet. I would say that drinks are affordable too.



119 Newington Causeway, London SE1 6BN.


12pm – 12am  SUNDAY – WEDNESDAY

12pm – 1am   THURSDAY

12am – 2am   FRIDAY – SATURDAY