South Bank and its busy Christmas market

Christmas Market on the South Bank.
Photo by : Camille Buignet.

As Christmas is getting closer and closer, Christmas markets have popped up everywhere in London. South bank’s Christmas market is one of the most popular ones and also one of the biggest ones in the city, although I found it pretty small.

Open from 9 November 2018 until 6 January 2019, the Christmas market is located along the river Thames, so you get to enjoy its nice surroundings. My advice would be to pick a week day to go, because it gets so busy on week-ends that you can barely see anything.

I went on a Sunday and was personally more focused on trying to get trough the crowd, instead of enjoying the market the way I should have, which kind of ruined my vision of it.


Busy Christmas market
Photo by: Camille Buignet

After I finally managed to find a quiet place, I had a glass of mulled wine with my friend, and really felt the Christmas atmosphere. As a French girl, what would Christmas be without its mulled wine? 

Christmas markets are usually about festive food from around the world, but once again I was quite disappointed in the options offered. As a vegetarian, I pretty much didn’t find anything suitable for me. The only vegetarian-friendly food I found was more of street food that actual festive food.

I still enjoyed the market and its lights, which made me the happiest. Drinking a glass of mulled wine while wandering around the market made me forget how busy the market was. I would recommend it since it is a good way to enjoy Christmas while visiting South Bank.

Mulled wine truck in South Bank
Photo by: Camille Buignet