I used this day to watch the lecture from a few days before which I missed. I learnt about basic law and regulation, including libel and defamation and intellectual property. I also had a refresher of the things I had learnt in the previous lectures, as well as continuing to learn about the importance of audio and how to and when to use music. I also learnt what an audiogram is and why it is important, and created my own using the app headliner and audio from bensound.


I used today to catch up on the three lectures I missed in the previous week, all on video.

In the first lecture, I learnt about story structure and how to structure my video effectively, different shot sizes and angles and what they are used for as well as when and how to use sound and music in a video.

In the second lecture, I learnt about framing and composition, cutaways and GVs and the importance and uses of these as well as piece to camera.

In the third lecture, I learnt about the line of action and sequences. After that, I used what I had learnt to record some clips to use to practice my use of premier.