Analysing different audio packages


In this package there were two experts, Rashford and an MP. There were also four eyewitness opinions, with the narrator explaining and setting the timeline in between. There was background music throughout as well as natural sounds to help set the scene of what was being spoken about. The package was around 25% narration and the rest was the eyewitness and expert opinions.


There was one expert interviewed in this piece and one eyewitness. Music was in the background of people speaking. The package started with an eyewitness, with the narrator explaining and developing each point they made, then an expert interview. The issue was explained and then the package finished on a bright, positive note.


There was one expert explaining the issue and two eyewitnesses stating their opinions. There was background music throughout and it became louder at some points to space out each part of the package. There was also natural sounds used at some points as well as the music to set the scene. The narrator also set the scene and this was used to set the timeline of the package.


Right at the start of this package, there was an expert interview, followed by 4 eyewitnesses asking questions and the expert answering them. There was music used in the background throughout and a narrator used at the beginning and end to explain what the package was about and sum it up at the end.


The narrator began by introducing what this package would be about, then there was an eyewitness explaining their situation followed by an expert explaining the wider situation. There were then four eyewitnesses explaining their point of view on the situation, followed by a narrator summing up what they had said. It then when back to the expert to further explain the wider situation. There was background music and natural sounds used throughout to help set the scene.