What Social Media Outlets do you follow?

News outlets on social media, provide a look at current affairs, features and common interests. However, lots of people tend to stick inside their own “bubble”, following outlets that cater towards their needs.

A good example of this, is the way I absorb news through the likes of Twitter. If you was to trawl down my feed, you would find the likes of music outlets like Resident Advisor (RA), Mixmag, The Fader and more, populating my feed. A secondary interest of mine, is fashion – filling my feed with the likes of articles from HYPEBEAST, Vogue and more. 

Surprisingly enough, I don’t really follow anything related to current affairs. Although this might seem bad, I do now and again use aggregators such as Reddit to get my daily news fix. On the off chance, I may search for BBC or Sky News in the search bar and read tweets from them, if I’m feeling like it. 

With this look at what I browse on Twitter, its easy to see why people stay biased under their own “filter bubble”. But I feel like I may have the chance to branch out and explore new territory, in the near future.

An Insight into Fourpure Brewery Co.

An Insight into Fourpure Brewery Co.

Established in 2013, Fourpure Brewery Co. are a home-based beer brewery startup, located in the deep parts of South Bermondsey.  

It was tough locating the brewery at first – scrambling around the Millwall area, before finally finding our destination in a business park not too far away from when we started.

The name “Fourpure” derives from the four main ingredients they use to create their beverages, spanning the likes of hops, grain, yeast and water. Each IPA, is inspired by a certain place, distilling a feel of adventure and exploration, everytime you take a drop.

Have some spare time lying about? You could take a tour of the brewery. Fourpure conduct tours of their brewery on certain days, going through all the steps it takes to create some fresh-tasting beer. You can even try some of the beer that’s been freshly made.

Fourpure regularly put on events at their establishment, so if you’re looking for something fun to do – why don’t you head on over? 

You can find out more information and the company, the events and the ambition behind their journey at the link here.

The Magic and Prowess behind London’s Tate Modern

The Magic and Prowess behind London’s Tate Modern

Originally being a disused power station, the Tate Modern was opened to the public as a fully fledged art gallery in the new Millennium. 

Along with its opening, the platform and utopia for all things abstract and wonderful, allowed artists of all kinds to usher in their unique artistic talents. You’ll also find literally anything you can think of here, whether it may be paintings, sculptures, or the likes of hard-hitting performance art pieces.

Famous artists such as Andy Warhol, Pablo Picasso and even Roy Lichtenstein feature in the gallery. You might even find yourself stuck for choice, as the site happens to house ten different floors of creations and exhibits.

With its iconic chimney and turbine room, it wouldn’t be hard to spot the venue. If you’re interested in visiting, you can hop on a train to Blackfriars station, or you could walk along the South Bank river instead. More information about Tate Modern and its other museums in the Tate family, can be found on its website at www.tate.org.uk