Digital Journalism 2: Workbook

For my infographic, I have decided to choose something quite dear to me. As a fan of electronic music and DJing, Tinnitus is a very serious condition that can occur from prolonged exposure to loud noises and music.

I wanted to create an infographic based around this and explore how famous figure were impacted by hearing loss and Tinnitus. 

I found a study through Dublin’s Institute of Technology that did a survey on the sound levels in Dublin’s nightclubs and that would effect partygoers and staff in the building. I thought that would be a good idea to expand upon. 

I created my infographic in Adobe Indesign, as its probably the most professional tool to create visual imagery. I’m not personally the best at designing things visually, but I gave it my best shot.

Some vector images were downloaded off the internet to visualise some of the key figures and points in the document, such as the pound sign and animated ear. 

Fonts were downloaded from Adobe’s built-in TypeKit interface.