Skepta is back and vicious with lyricism

By Nicola Coaker

Rating: 4/5

A massive surprise came to Skepta fans yesterday as the artist released a very unexpected EP named Vicious. The project is made up of six tracks and features the likes of Section Boyz and A$AP Rocky. 

Around this time last year, Skepta released Konnichiwa which is arguably one of the best albums to date in UK urban music. Now, a year later he’s proved that he’s still at the top of his game.

Over the past year, Skepta has been on a journey which can only be described as a roller coaster ride. Although, the majority of his journey has definitely been highs, from touring America, to headlining festivals and collaborating with Nike; Skepta seems to have done it all this past year. 

The new EP contains two tracks which are around a year old. However, they’re still very relevant. With his usual gritty and dark sound, this time Skepta has self-produced every single track on the project. Proving that he’s a master of all things grime, not that anyone could have ever doubted this. 

No Security and Hypocrisy had both been released prior to the EP and it’s fair to say that they were very much treasured by grime and rap lovers. They both seemed to be a different side to Skepta’s usual music persona, but all this shows is his versatility in the game. With every track on this project proving hard to fit into the genre of either grime or rap, Skepta seems to have met in the middle to create a unique sound. 

As a piece of work from beginning to end, this is one which will be remembered for many years to come. Another UK music masterpiece by one of the genre’s veterans. 

Click here to stream the Vicious EP.