Live News Day Review – 12/03/18

This was our third live YouTube stream as second years in our second semester. Despite quite a few members of the course being absent today, I think that the show went smoothly in terms of technical aspects, filming shots and presenters. Although there was technical difficulties with the audio on a few of the VT’s, the quality of the rest of the show made up for this. 

This week, my role was social media presenter. I worked alone to chose my stories and decide which web pages to have open during the live broadcast. The stories which I chose were as follows: Ken Dodd’s death, Rihanna being the first woman to surpass 2 billion streams and Commonwealth day. Whilst previous presenters chose to write their script on the whiteboard behind the camera and read from this, I chose not to do so and instead improvise as it looks more natural and saves confusion. Once reading up on the stories I felt confident in presenting them. I also plugged the Journalism London Instagram page at the end of my segment. 

As a whole, this week there was no noticeable audio or technical problems with such a strong production team on the desk. Although some of the VT packages had audio problems, this was most probably a result of the wrong exporting settings. Jacob and Remeka worked well together as a team as they fed off each others energy. Angela also did well as a bulletins editor to cover the death of Hubert de Givenchy with such short notice. Our guest, Jamie seemed very comfortable on camera and gave well informed answers, whilst our sofa reporter Emma also appeared very informed on her chosen topic. 

This week, unfortunately we had technical difficulties in our VT group meaning that out files became corrupted and we were unable to save them despite spending quite a lot of time out filming and gathering out content. Theo tried his best to recover the files by researching the problem and even visiting a computer shop, but even with a good effort we were unable to do so. Our VT covered women in gaming as we took on the role of the eSports VT group this week.