Editorial Role – Audio Presenter

For my Editorial Role I was a Presenter, Audio Presenter and Autocue. I enjoyed being a Presenter, Audio and Broadcast, and so have chosen to detail my role as an Audio Presenter. In the morning, I edited and finished an audio piece, and tended to the lower thirds of another audio piece. This was due to the fact that, prior to this, I had already completed all my work to a good standard and it was all ready to go for the show! This meant I was able to assist other members of the class with pieces that hadn’t been finished yet. I feel my organisational skills were very good, I was always messaging my team using Slack and was extremely engaged in our work. Then, I wrote out scripts for the audio presenters and also went over discussion topics with my co-presenter. I then went over the schedule with my producer and took out and added in any bits that didn’t sound right. I personally enjoyed the rehearsals in the minutes leading up to the live show. It was a chance for me to relax as a Presenter and enjoy it without the added pressure of being live or recorded!  This was only made possible because myself and co-presenter allowed enough time to complete our necessary work on schedule giving us more time to practice. We did encounter some technical issues however we improvised very well and the show was a success. Our conversation was fluent and I feel we handled the equipment well. A lecturer, Andrew, was present at the time due to technical mishaps, which meant he was on hand to watch our show. His feedback was brilliant and said we were naturals! This definitely boosted my confidence in the Presenting chair as our show went entirely as planned. I certainly feel like I enjoy the role of Presenter most, its where I feel most comfortable.