Southwark residents support a greener borough following the local elections

Bench placed in a very clean and green park

(A Greener London is on the agenda following local elections. Credit: Pexels) With the 2018 local elections just around the corner, keen voters are happy to see that the environment remains a prime concern in political parties manifestos, reports Leanne Cresswell.  On May the 3rd, voters will take to the polls for the

Live news day review: 05/03/18

On Monday, our JLDN live YouTube stream took place at 3PM. The show featured a variety of content such as University strikes, volunteering, sex education and much more.  My group (Group 2) decided to cover the story on the potential death of a newspaper, seeing as there are other popular alternatives

Live Show Review

During this weeks live show, my job was to assist the website editor. Liam and myself ensured that every VT groups articles were written and published on, as well as the on the day reporters. We made sure that each article had the correct grammar, as well as adding

Live Show: Fourth Week Review

I thought that our Live Show this week ran a lot smoother than the week before. Once again, my role in the show was Directing, which included the responsibilities such as cutting from different cameras, the different shots used and the overall look of the show. I felt a lot

Live Show: First Week Overview

For the first week of the live shows, our group were assigned to create a VT relating to the topic of e-sports. As it was recently World Mental Health day, our group explored how gaming may affect students mental health in a positive or negative way.  When filming our groups VT,