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Discovering Dulwich

The Dulwich Village Sign

Dulwich is located mostly in the London Borough of Southwark although has certain parts falling in the Borough of Lambeth.

The area is made up of East Dulwich, West Dulwich and Dulwich Village, which are their own individual wards, having Three members of the council representing each ward. Dulwich is home to many popular landmarks, such as Dulwich Park which holds Horse and Motor Shows every year, St Barnabas Church, Dulwich Picture Gallery, the traditional Village which includes many shops, A Picture House, where locals can view the latest cinema screenings  and many admired Pubs and Restaurants. Local residents are extremely keen to help out with their Community, portraying a friendly environment by volunteering in places such as The Dulwich Picture Gallery or helping out with a Local Charity named ‘Dulwich Park Friends’ which has objectives to publicise restoration, conservation and improvement of the local parks.


Left Image: A House In Dulwich Park   |  Right Image: Dulwich Village

It’s a very family friendly area, with a Library and it’s well known school Dulwich College, a boarding school for boys from the ages of 7-18, not to forget to mention the plenty of leisure activities, especially the sporting facilities such as Tennis courts, Golf Courses, Horse Stables and Pitches for Football and Rugby.

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