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George Brock ‘Out Of Print’ Summary

In this Chapter, Brock examines the generation of creative energy that rebuilds Journalism in todays society. He identifies that Journalists should perform Four Core tasks: Verification, Sense Making, Witness and Investigation. The rebuilding of this type of journalism will be replaced by the use of new tools, such as Twitter, which is extremely time efficient and creates communities. However Brock argues that there is a risk of being fed false information in this way, yet later on suggests that to some degree, this can apply to all types of media consumed, therefore can be useful. This creates a generative energy that renews Journalism.

Brock suggests that sites with immediate heavy costs have lower success rates than sites that grow from a small scale from readership, where he uses comparisons of Will Perrin, AOL and ‘Crazy Council’ blog to support his point. He states that the arrival of Googles Adsense was a turning point for independent sites to become financially viable, but for sites to succeed, they need good knowledge and transport a service to the community. Studies have found that sites owned by Companies such as the Daily Mail had low rates of engagement, whereas freelance publishers retained to fill their site with good engagement.

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