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Profile Interviews

A Profile interview is a personal interview/conversation, aiming to achieve more knowledge about a particular person in a light that others may have not seen. It’s the Interviewees side of the story.

Before going out to interview:

  • Must be researched – Where are they from? What Have They Been Up To?
  • Always write up some guide questions
  • As a journalist, you are required to set up a location for interview
  • Have permission for recording and other equipment that you may need
  • May be asked to get some pictures
  • Plan a structure of your piece

Exercise – Preparing for Daniel Radcliffe Interview

  • Examples of Good Locations – Show up at the beginning/end of the photoshoot (more chance of him being available) , A Coffee Shop/Restaurant, His House

Questions to ask him:

1.What attracted you to star in the film ‘Imperium’ and taking on a roll of an FBI?

2. Do you find it difficult to break away from your stereotypical identity of Harry Potter, how do you tackle this problem?

3.  You’re acting career hasn’t slowed down so it seems, you’re always working on a certain project, does this leave you anytime for a love life?

4. We noticed that your roles have become more serious over time, how do you approach take approach and prepare for this?

5. What decided you to take on acting in the west end? what are some of your favourite shows?

Remember With Face To Face Interviews:

  • Always arrive on time
  • Put Interviewee at ease
  • Listen
  • Take Notes
  • Short Questions
  • Stay In Control – Be prepared to ditch planned questions
  • Note Personal details – habits, body language, appearance etc
  • After Interviews: 
  • Ask if there is anything else they wanted to talk about
  • Contact for follow up questions
  • Idea of what to expect and when
  • Final Approval

Examples of Profile Interviews:



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