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Writing Profiles

A profile is getting to know a person in a way that the journalist perceives that character. Profiles also enable an audience to build knowledge/understanding of that particular person.

Not all profiles are printed in Newspapers – can be published online, or appear in Podcasts and Radios.

The First thing a reader sees when reading profiles:

  • The type of person they are
  • The element of light that newspapers or publications (online or not) want to show that person in
  • The perception of that person

Important Factors To Remember:

  • The present atmosphere around that person – What is the mood like? How do others act towards that person? How do they present themselves; calm, rushed, frustrated?
  • Include a mixture of quotes of those mentioned, quotes of family/friends, quotes of how the journalist perceives that person
  • Remember to keep notes – they may respond in a certain way to specific questions, how they react in general, body language, all of the things you see/feel, How they are talking to you as a journalist – all of these aspects create an image of that type of person. Remember it’s not an interview, it’s a profile!
  • Pick up questions from their given answers that may tell you more about the person – adding/changing questions is always common in profile writing
  • Trust Yourself with the questions that come to mind, if you are interested in wanting to know this information so others may be interested in knowing this particular information too!

Profile Examples:


A London Journalism Student, blogging about the life and community in Dulwich.