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Nicola Coaker Profile Interview: “I Have Been Interested In Studying Journalism since touring the BBC Studios”

After finishing college, Nicola Coaker decided to give her independence a kick, by setting off to England’s Capital, to continue her education for a degree in Journalism. As I sit opposite her, she quickly corrects me by asking to address her as Nic instead. She scrunches her face and jokes that she isn’t the biggest fan of her name. For Nic, studying Journalism became an interest after touring the BBC Studios in 2013. She passionately tells me, “It was amazing how many people were behind the scenes. I decided to do more research into the industry and volunteered at my local radio station making me even more eager to start the course.” Although Nic enjoyed volunteering at her local radio, she felt that she wasn’t able to express her full potential, due to the radios selective song choices.

A drastic change that Nicola has made recently is the increased distance between herself and her loved ones back at home. As I touch upon the subject, she hesitates a little but then admits to me that she is happy. “I love living away from home. Although I have a very close family, I would not change anything about my decision. London is very different to Middlesborough as it’s full of culture and there is always something to do”, she answers with a smile.

Facing challenges will always play a massive role as part of the Student package. Coaker doesn’t stop to think twice, giving me a confident smile that indicates that she can most certainly relate. “Getting used to the London Lifestyle, such as the transport and finding my way around has been the biggest challenge for me. However, I’m getting there!’ She laughs.

University is known best for it’s social aspects, especially during ‘Freshers’, a popular week for first years. As I expected through her bubbly persona, Nic attended a few events that were held at ‘Ministry Of Sound’ and makes sure that she is continuing her social life. ‘I have been socialising with my flatmates and course friends a lot. There is a Gourmet Burger Kitchen close by which we regularly go to’ she remarks with enlightening eyes. ‘We have done some sight seeing too, the London Eye is only a Ten Minute walk from our accommodation’. As our interview comes to a halt, it’s very clear to me that she is no stranger to flat parties, but behind her friendly character, is a girl who is determined to succeed.

A London Journalism Student, blogging about the life and community in Dulwich.