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Elliot King ‘Free For All: The Internets Transformation Of Journalism’

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Elliot King Summarises the role of the internet in Journalism, as it has caused great disruption in the gathering and distribution of news. King identities that Blogs have played a part in the acceleration of change in journalism as they can push out stories on national agendas, yet mainstream media has more power in comparison. The shift towards the internet as a primary news source is mixed with at least three independent longterm trends. These trends are Urban daily newspapers becoming massively under pressure, the established news media can no longer serve as gate keepers for the news as it’s easily accessible online and lastly, the rate of technological change is accelerating with new emerging technologies.

With News companies trying to pull off a balancing act between the web and print, many organisations assumed that the transition would be manageable. Many interesting online and hybrid news experiments have launched, hoping to create a not-for-profit reporting teams, where work can be used across a widespread of media platforms.

With Citizen Media on the increase, virtually anyone is able to post content and even Organisations such as CNN are encouraging ‘Ireporters’ to submit photos and videos of events and such. However credibility and accuracy are major issues for Citizen Journalists due to the uncertainty of Validity through Social Networks.

Online Journalism is changing the way content becomes available for the public to be able to debate and provide their own opinion. Technologies continue to develop and there is no evidence to indicate when the rate of development may slow. Twitter represents the next step in development of an always on communication culture that bypasses tradition media.

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