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Angela Burgess: Profile Pitch

2 Line Pitch:

Angela Burgess is a resident in East Dulwich who runs several businesses that  focuses on the local community, such as her website ‘Around Dulwich’ and ‘SE22′ Magazine .

Elevator Pitch:

‘Around Dulwich’ is an online website, where Angela posts information about events, businesses, charity work, residents and general news in Dulwich. The Community and the support for Local Businesses play a massive importance to Dulwich Residents and as Angela is involved in both fields, I will be able to gain better knowledge.


I would like to write a profile about Angela, due to her high success as a local business woman. She has experience of working with other local businesses in Dulwich, such as promoting events in the area. Angela is also responsible for the organisation of the annual Dulwich Festival Fair. Her hard work shows that she has an extraordinary eye for the Dulwich Community. By interviewing and holding several meetings with Angela, I feel that I can gain a real insight into her passion for the Community and learn a lot more about these local businesses, including the topic of Brexit.

A London Journalism Student, blogging about the life and community in Dulwich.