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New Lloyd’s Bank Advert Takes a Jockey Approach Into Our Hearts


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Rating: 3/5

Written By Leanne Cresswell, LSBU Journalism Student.

After disappearing in 2007, the iconic Black Stallion Logo gallops back on our screens for the first time since it’s financial crises.

To celebrate 250 years, Lloyds Bank take their advertising an extra step further by working with the creative team who invented the John Lewis phenomenon ‘Monty The Penguin’.

The Advertisement showcases a variety of clips from different time periods, all centred around a Black Stallion. In each scenario, the Horse is represented in a positive light, for helping people out through the good and the bad times. By bringing their recognisable logo to life, the Ad cleverly portrays that Lloyds are there to support their customers. The Advert concludes with the tag line ‘By your side for 250 Years.’

Lloyd’s new approach of advertising succeeds to pull on to Heart Strings but fails at the attempt of becoming a ‘Tear Jerker’. The Creativity involved saves this ad, allowing audiences to appreciate the message more than what they usually would. It’s heart warming and overall a nice concept – but that’s where the problem lies. It’s nothing more and nothing less. It doesn’t seem to cling to my memory, meaning that sooner or later, it will become another forgotten advert.

Click here to see the advert.

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