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The Dulwich Picture Gallery Is A Credit To The Community


The Dulwich Picture Gallery, exceptionally designed by Architect Sir John Soane 

Rating: 3/5

The first purpose-built public art gallery allows it’s visitors to experience a variety of remarkable paintings.

Written By Leanne Cresswell, LSBU Journalism Student.

Established more that 200 years ago in South Dulwich, The Picture Gallery is home to more than 600 works of art, including the likes of Rembrandt’s ‘Girl At The Window’ and Gainsborough’s ‘Elizabeth and Mary Linley.’

The combination of the brightly painted red walls and friendly staff creates a very warm welcoming atmosphere on first approach. The reception area is located in the first room of paintings, making it a little more difficult to know where to begin browsing. Despite this minor, soon enough, you are lost into the world of art. The exhibitions on display are unique in their own way as they each have a story to tell and a history of their own, which seems to be the reason behind the galleries success.

Unfortunately, the building is small, meaning that your visit over quicker than expected. As your visit in the gallery comes to an end, don’t forget to have a peak in the gift shop, where you will find items such as stationary, being sold at a reasonable price. There is also a café on the sight to fulfil your needs, whether its a cake or a hot beverage.

The Dulwich Picture Gallery is a credit to the Dulwich community, although I can understand why it may be a hit or miss. This is a place for people who have an eye for the artistic world. It may not be everyones cup of tea, but it’s worth a visit if you fancy something new and different.

You can find The Dulwich Picture Gallery on Gallery Road, Southwark SE21 7AD. Students and Children are free of entry, whilst adults must pay £7.00 for a ticket to the permanent collection.

For more information, click here to visit The Dulwich Picture Gallery Website, or give them a follow on twitter @DulwichGallery 


A London Journalism Student, blogging about the life and community in Dulwich.