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Threat over Ubers license leaves students infuriated


Agitated Students in London face dismay over the loss of Uber’s licence.

The decision to withdraw the license of the low-cost car service has caused a major uproar between thousands of Students. Transport for London deemed the company as ‘not fit and proper’ due to customers making serious accusations of sexual assault from it’s drivers. However, students defend the company by arguing that they feel much safer travelling in an Uber during the night. 

Sarah Parker, a student at London South Bank University, shares her opinion. “I’m extremely disappointed with the decision because I rely on Uber. I mainly use the service for travelling back home after a night out and it makes feel a lot safer. If I’m on my own, I certainly don’t want to be travelling on public transport at night.” 

The most popular appeal of the Uber service happens to be the well-liked low cost journeys. Whilst living in an expensive city, budgeting students agree that taking an Uber to travel around London saves them a great amount of money. Psychology Student, Amy, says “I can’t justify paying black cab prices. I’m struggling financially and the prices of Uber meet my budget nicely. It’s a service that makes student life easier, so I’m annoyed over the decision.”

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