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Live Show: First Week Overview

For the first week of the live shows, our group were assigned to create a VT relating to the topic of e-sports. As it was recently World Mental Health day, our group explored how gaming may affect students mental health in a positive or negative way. 

When filming our groups VT, I shot a few GV’s of the close up of my colleague playing Tetris. I also took on the role as a reporter, by interviewing our main guest. Lastly, I helped to write the script and with the decision making when it came to editing our package. Unfortunately our VT had to be cut from the live show, as there was not enough time.

During the live shows, I wasn’t assigned a specific role, so I helped out with the Social media, by posting pictures on JLDN’s Instagram. These pictures involved images relating to the topics that would be featured in the show. I also took pictures of behind the scenes, which involved images of the production team and presenters. Overall, I thought that the first live show went extremely well, considering that it was our first. There were a few technical difficulties, but the production team and presenters worked well to recover.

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