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Live Show: Second Week Overview

Following our first live show last week, I feel that this weeks show ran a lot smoother. Everybody seemed much more relaxed and confident when it came to their roles and there was great team work from the production side. I particularly liked the fact that the presenters had great chemistry the second time around and thought that the transitions between the cameras ran smoothly. Unfortunately there were a few technical issues, with the live show streaming later than it should have, but the team worked well to recover the show and solved these issues quickly.

During this weeks live show, I was not assigned a specific role, so I helped out with the Social media. I was in charge of posting images on Journalism Londons Instagram page. I decided to post pictures in relation to the topics that were being covered in the show, whilst also posting images of behind the scenes. 

For this weeks VT, our group decided to cover the story of unpaid internships. We approached the subject by asking students whether that have taken part in unpaid internships and whether they agree with them. We also got an interview with the Student business manager, asking her opinion on this matter. I thought that our group worked well together, as we managed to get everything done by Tuesday. I took part in a number of roles when creating our VT, such as Research, Camera operator, Interviewing our expert opinion, VT Editor and also contributing when writing the script. 

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