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Retailers to offer a new “Same day return” service to shoppers

UK Retailers are set to introduce a new service which offers customers a “Same day return”.

According to retail statistics firm, Stuart, shoppers in the UK have unreturned goods which altogether mounts to a grand total of £3.2 billion. This new service that is being put into plan, entitles shoppers to receive items to try on before paying for what they keep within 30 days of their order being dispatched. The service will also send couriers to pick up returned items within hours of when the items are delivered. 

With the service successfully enforced in countries such as Germany, Austria, Finland, Norway and Sweden, online fashion retailer, Asos is believed to soon become the first UK retailer to offer the “Same day return” service. 

When asked for opinions on the new planned service, keen shopper, Grace Lilley, commented “I think that it’s a brilliant idea. I would much rather shop online than actively go out in the streets to shop, but just like many others, I face the issues of sometimes receiving clothes that do not fit properly, or I tend to dislike the items in person. Having this service will make things so much easier to send unwanted items back, as I’m always busy and don’t really have the time to visit the post office for returned items.”

Lilley went on to point out, “I also think that it’s such great time of the year to launch such a service to customers. Christmas is approaching fast, and I’m sure that me and many other people that like to shop will appreciate the fact that the same day return service will make Christmas shopping ten times easier.”





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