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Live Show: Third Week Review

I think that this weeks live show ran extremely smooth. My role was to direct, meaning that I was in charge of how the show looked as a whole. This involved setting up the cameras, making sure that the VTs were all in dropbox, the lighting and switching the cameras and VTs during the show as it went live. At first I was a little nervous to take on the role, however I found it enjoyable and appreciated the fact that everybody was on board with handing in their work early. I was happy that we were able to do a run through early, with 45 minutes before we went live, giving us the chance to improve during the live shows and also familiarise ourself with the desk. 

I thought that all of the presenters did exceptionally well. George and Shola had great chemistry on set, Remeka came across really clear and Jacob done well to present the social media, considering that it’s the hardest presenting job. I also thought that the Production team that I worked with did great during the live shows, with Saf on the audio and Alice Heather as our Editor. We worked well together in regards to communication, which helped the show to run a lot smoother. 


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