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Live Show Review

During this weeks live show, my job was to assist the website editor. Liam and myself ensured that every VT groups articles were written and published on, as well as the on the day reporters. We made sure that each article had the correct grammar, as well as adding links and changing the featured image titles. I thought that we worked well as a team and was able to meet the publishing deadlines at the end of the day. 

My VT group decided to cover the story of Scotland’s minimum pricing on alcohol, and approached it by asking students how they would feel if the law was to be introduced in the UK. Unfortunately, I fell ill during the week and was unable to go out and record with my group. I contributed by writing the article, which was published onto the website.

As for the live show, I thought that it ran smoothly, considering that there wasn’t a lot of time to rehearse. The presenters, Emma and Saf came across clear and did a good job, as well as Nick. I thought that Isla had some interesting stories during Social media and did well to present them to the audience. 

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