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The Final Debate: Hillary Clinton Profile

Image Source: Hillary Clinton is no stranger to American Politics. In 2009 - 2013, Clinton served as the 67th United States Secretary of State, and most recently, was the Democratic candidate for the US President in the 2016 elections, where she sadly lost to Trump. After recently watching the Final Debate,

Angela Burgess: Profile Pitch

2 Line Pitch: Angela Burgess is a resident in East Dulwich who runs several businesses that  focuses on the local community, such as her website ‘Around Dulwich’ and ‘SE22' Magazine . Elevator Pitch: 'Around Dulwich' is an online website, where Angela posts information about events, businesses, charity work, residents and general news in Dulwich. The Community and the

Nosheen Hussain Profile Interview: “Do as much as you can during your first year, as it is a massive learning curve.”

Since a very young age, Journalism Student, Nosheen Hussain aspires to become a full time Journalist and very recently, began to proceed into her second year of studies at London South Bank University. “I am so Passionate about helping to make a positive change in the world and I feel

Nicola Coaker Profile Interview: “I Have Been Interested In Studying Journalism since touring the BBC Studios”

After finishing college, Nicola Coaker decided to give her independence a kick, by setting off to England's Capital, to continue her education for a degree in Journalism. As I sit opposite her, she quickly corrects me by asking to address her as Nic instead. She scrunches her face and jokes that she isn't the

Writing Profiles

A profile is getting to know a person in a way that the journalist perceives that character. Profiles also enable an audience to build knowledge/understanding of that particular person. Not all profiles are printed in Newspapers - can be published online, or appear in Podcasts and Radios. The First thing a reader