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   Fowler-Watt and Allan: ‘Live Blogging and Social Media Curation’ in Journalism: New Challenges – Summary

Photo Source: 'Live Blogging and Social Media Curation' looks at the roles of how Blogging and Social media has contributed towards a change of the relationships between Journalists and their Audiences. Live Blogging is a style of blogging that provides frequent posts of updates on a specific topic. A good example

Silvia and Azur – Power Performance: Multimedia Storytelling Overview

Photo Source: Media.Wiley The Chapter ‘Multimedia Storytelling’ looks at ways in which the web is a storytelling medium that creates opportunities to tell extra parts to a story, that cannot be told in traditional print. For todays younger media consumers, using a variety of Graphics, Audio, Video, Blogs, Slideshows and much

Fowler-Watt and Allan – Journalism: New Challenges – ‘News story telling in a digital landscape’

Photo Source: This chapter investigates the questioning of whether the internet is killing storytelling - particularly long-form narrative, or positively evolving it. Whilst the internet is constantly condensing stories with the likes of Twitter as one example, there are a number of media companies such as Mediastorm and The Atavist, seeking

A Summary Of WordPress

Wordpress began in 2003 as a blogging system, but eventually evolved into a full content management system through a variety of Plugins, Themes and Widgets. There are many Advantages when it comes to using Wordpress, One example being that it is cheaper to build due to it's variety of themes on offer.

George Brock ‘Out Of Print’ Summary

In this Chapter, Brock examines the generation of creative energy that rebuilds Journalism in todays society. He identifies that Journalists should perform Four Core tasks: Verification, Sense Making, Witness and Investigation. The rebuilding of this type of journalism will be replaced by the use of new tools, such as Twitter,