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Brexit Video Package

As Prime Minister Theresa May is set to trigger article 50 on the 29th March, there is a current uncertainty over what form Brexit will take as an issue for many Local Businesses in Dulwich.

The Dulwich Picture Gallery Is A Credit To The Community

  The Dulwich Picture Gallery, exceptionally designed by Architect Sir John Soane  Rating: 3/5 The first purpose-built public art gallery allows it’s visitors to experience a variety of remarkable paintings. Written By Leanne Cresswell, LSBU Journalism Student. Established more that 200 years ago in South Dulwich, The Picture Gallery is home to more than 600

An Interview With Dulwich Councillor Dr Andy Simmons

Do you feel as though as councillors you have much of an impact on the community of Dulwich? Dulwich is a very mixed community. Southwark council and Southwark councillors do have a major impact on community of Dulwich, but this will vary between different parts of Dulwich often depending on housing tenure

Discovering Dulwich

The Dulwich Village Sign Dulwich is located mostly in the London Borough of Southwark although has certain parts falling in the Borough of Lambeth. The area is made up of East Dulwich, West Dulwich and Dulwich Village, which are their own individual wards, having Three members of the council representing each ward.