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Live news day review: 05/03/18

On Monday, our JLDN live YouTube stream took place at 3PM. The show featured a variety of content such as University strikes, volunteering, sex education and much more.  My group (Group 2) decided to cover the story on the potential death of a newspaper, seeing as there are other popular alternatives

Live Show: Third Week Review

I think that this weeks live show ran extremely smooth. My role was to direct, meaning that I was in charge of how the show looked as a whole. This involved setting up the cameras, making sure that the VTs were all in dropbox, the lighting and switching the cameras

Live Show: Second Week Overview

Following our first live show last week, I feel that this weeks show ran a lot smoother. Everybody seemed much more relaxed and confident when it came to their roles and there was great team work from the production side. I particularly liked the fact that the presenters had great

Live Show: First Week Overview

For the first week of the live shows, our group were assigned to create a VT relating to the topic of e-sports. As it was recently World Mental Health day, our group explored how gaming may affect students mental health in a positive or negative way.  When filming our groups VT,