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   Fowler-Watt and Allan: ‘Live Blogging and Social Media Curation’ in Journalism: New Challenges – Summary

Photo Source: 'Live Blogging and Social Media Curation' looks at the roles of how Blogging and Social media has contributed towards a change of the relationships between Journalists and their Audiences. Live Blogging is a style of blogging that provides frequent posts of updates on a specific topic. A good example

Profile Interviews

A Profile interview is a personal interview/conversation, aiming to achieve more knowledge about a particular person in a light that others may have not seen. It's the Interviewees side of the story. Before going out to interview: Must be researched - Where are they from? What Have They Been Up To?

The Structure Of A News Article

The Introduction of a News Article is the most important part because it draws an audience and tells the story in short - this means it must be a strong introduction. Structure of a Newspaper: The structure of a Newspaper resembles an Upside down Triangle - The Introduction is at the top The

Writing Profiles

A profile is getting to know a person in a way that the journalist perceives that character. Profiles also enable an audience to build knowledge/understanding of that particular person. Not all profiles are printed in Newspapers - can be published online, or appear in Podcasts and Radios. The First thing a reader