Copeland park salvage sale is an overpriced hipster vortex

This weekend Peckham’s salvage yard sale took place in Copeland park. The rain was absent and the food vendors in full swing, there was even a giant uterus displayed proudly on a wall inside the Bussey building, constructed from coloured icing. 

Everything on sale was pre-loved and quirky – Beautiful faux furs, vintage Levi’s jackets and extravagant spinny chairs that looked like Wes Anderson props, all going for triple the amount any person with a functioning brain would hope to pay. “Come hunt for personal treasures, rummage for bargains,” Is what’s advertised on the event’s Skiddle page, but the only thing I found for less than £10 was a weird Abba looking shirt with cigarette burns on the cuffs. Intentional? Fashion? Who knows. 

The crowd seemed uptight in a way you would never find at the same event 300 miles North. Pretentious women who couldn’t look up from their phones to answer questions about what they were selling, weird obnoxious guys flogging cameras with minimal smiling and interaction with potential buyers. I found it all a little odd, but the behaviour matched their astronomical prices and although I found an incredible suede and sheepskin jacket for £90, I bagged an almost identical one on Ebay whilst sat eating a burger. Good food is always worth it, and the saving grace of the entire day was my beef burger from The Nines, a bar restaurant bang in the middle of Copeland Park hubbub.