How digital developments change journalism

Some of the key features in “News storytelling in a Digital Landscape” are that in some cases journalists believed due to the advancement in technology that media stories were shorter with less narrative and long form journalism was decreasing becoming a niche as most people would rather read shorter pieces, this is thought to be because of reduced attention spans.
Another change has been that companies have come up with new ways to make money that have broke out of the conventional journalism models, such as selling videos and training resources as well as tablets and new types of technology being available to use stepping away from more traditional desk-based computers.
Some of the more positive parts to the report mentioned that due to the rise in social media use, social recommendations were on the rise and With the advancement of technology, journalism could be a lot more free, in terms of structure as there is no word limit on how much a person can write who that person or what they wish to write about.