Petition to stop event in Southwark park


Southwark Park will play host to ‘Alice in winter wonderland’ a Christmas festival from the 21st of November to the 5th of January. The festival features thousands of lights and over 160 giant lanterns in the shape of the characters from Alice in Wonderland that can be seen set up in different scenes as the path is followed, meeting the Christmas market and Santa’s grotto at the end of the trail.

Residents have raised great concerns over the festival stating that they felt it would ‘disrupt them’ with all the noise that the event would create and even have gone as far as to create a petition that has been signed by 500 plus residents in an attempt to put a stop to the festival.

On Southwark council’s website it is stated that only 20% of the park would be used, ‘Mitigation against these potential issues are considered as part of the Event Management Plan’ and that ‘The council ecology officer has examined the plans and is satisfied there will be no negative impact’