Sexual offences at an all-time high in Southwark

The latest crime figures released by the met online state that Southwark is the fourth highest in London for crime with 5000 more crimes being reported from September 2017-2018 making the total 38,000 as opposed to the previous years 33,000. One of the most prominent points in the data discloses that there have been 915 sexual offences in the borough with 292 of those being classed as rapes making Southwark the 5th worst in London.

Speaking a resident in the borough area Sarah Jennings stated ‘At night I always have to travel with a friend just to feel safe. I don’t understand why there isn’t more being done to make us feel safe’.

Despite previous statements from the mayor of London that they would be funding the police department a further 2 million pounds, in October Southwark council announced that no further funding to get more police officers on our streets would be granted.

Southwark police department is on average losing a police officer a week and with crime rates only on the rise how far will statistics have to climb before there is change?