Local businesses expected to boom as Christmas festival opens

Thousands flock to Southbank as the much loved world known Christmas festival began on Friday and will go on for 6 weeks.It is expected that millions will visit the area in the run up to Christmas meaning local businesses expect to thrive. On average, local businesses in the Southwark boroughs in 2017 made 23% more money in the festive period in comparison to the rest of the year and in 2018 it is expected to rise as the festival is even bigger than last year.

Speaking to the local pub owner, Keith Hill expressed his excitement stating ‘business is really going to boom before Christmas because of the market’.

The winter festival has a range of different stalls selling everything from hand carved wooden wine bottle holders to handmade soaps all located along the waterfront in Southbank and will go on from November 9th till January 6th 2019.