‘No Turkey’ Christmas Sandwich Review

Marks and Spencer’s has just taken leaps in the vegan Christmas sandwich game in bringing out the first of its kind, a sandwich featuring a meat substitute! Gone are the days of ‘festival falafel’ sandwiches because marks and Spencer’s have swooped in and changed it all.


Marks and Spencer’s first announced in September that they would be broadening their vegan Christmas range after the demand for meat substitutes substantially grown over the last year. The range features all sorts of brand-new vegan options from pecan nut roasts to sandwiches but the most anticipated of them was the ‘no turkey feast’ sandwich made with spinach, soy chunks and cranberry sauce on malted brown bread.


At first glance, the sandwich is visually appealing with a mixture of bright vibrant colors displaying all the fillings, deep red cranberry sauce, leafy green spinach, Grey toned soy chunks all met by soft malted bread the true essence of what a Christmas sandwich should be. Like most sandwiches in the packaging, it appears to look well filled but as soon it’s taken out you soon realize it was all a rouse and past the first centimeter you are met with just a mixture of cranberry sauce and spinach while the latter is filled with thick soy chunks the size of 50 pence pieces. Unfortunately upon opening the sandwich you soon discover that the sandwich is not only extremely overfilled and overpowered by cranberry sauce but is also seeping with some sort of white sauce which I do believe was meant to be vegan mayonnaise.


As for the taste, it cannot be faulted you truly do feel like you are feasting on a turkey sandwich, the malted bread only compliments it further adding a slight kick while the cranberry adds a sweet Christmas feel however at points it can be rather overpowering particularly where there are not pieces of soy to match its sweet taste.


The ‘No turkey’ sandwich will be available until early January in all M&S stores located in the sandwich section.