Comparing The Infographics Of The State Of Union Speeches

When looking at the infographics of the state of union speeches, I looked at three different types of data. The first one I looked at was the language of the state of the union on the Atlantic. They used a histogram to illustrate how each president used different words in their speeches, this was an interactive histogram that when hovering over a word would show which presidents used it and how often.

 The next infographic I had a look at was on Washington Post  website, they made a list of each president and the words they used to most each year in their speeches, this very clearly shows the audience exactly what words that were used and by who but did not offer information on how often they used the words.

 The last place I looked at how journalists used the data to create infographics was on Vox, they chose to only display Obamas most popular words in his speeches as opposed to comparing it to other presidents they only made comparisons in his previous speeches against each other. 

Each journalist seems to have a different take on the information that the state of union speeches provide some of the Journalists had to clear biases which were obvious because of the way that they decided to display the data, for example in the last info graphic I looked at I noticed that in comparison to the other infographics VOX chose not to include the data from other presidents unlike the other examples.